Saturday, December 17

LMFAO (literally)

The entertaining "party rock" duo LMFAO dominated the stage last Wednesday during their Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour in Winnipeg.  The MTS Centre was packed with young men and women dressed in bright neons, loose-fitting gym shirts and zebra print.  It felt like a modern day 80's throwback.

Far East Movement, another rising hip-hop/electro pop ensemble, opened for the tremendous two.  They worked the stage and jammed to a variety of songs, including their top chart hit (Like A G6) and a few similar tracks.

The crowd only expected SkyBlu and Redfoo to show up in familiar rockstar fashion: fashionably late.  But get this - they hit the stage right before 9 p.m. and the show were finished before 11 p.m.  For two men that write lyrics inspired by drinking, drugs and women, they were surprisingly punctual and professional.

Their stage was not dressed up with fancy lights or pyrotechnics, but their cathy tunes and hilarious antics carried the show.  They sprayed the crowd with bottles during Champagne Showers, let loose an inflatable zebra to crowd surf in the pit and effortlessly changed from one ridiculous outfit into the next.  They made entertaining look easy.

Quest Crew, the third season winners of reality show American's Best Dance Crew, were just as fun to watch.  Their breakdancing moves were sharp and playful, and they added much more character to their roles as opposed to being mere robotic backup dancers.

The most shocking and mentionable part of LMFAO's performance was their last song, Sexy and I Know It, where SkyBlu and Redfoo highlighted their confidence by stripping down to some very revealing underwear.  The rest of the dancers followed suit, and they rocked the rest of the song in sparkly and neon coloured undergarments.

The show was consistently enjoyable, the crowd was having a good time and LMFAO did what they do best: PARTY ROCKED.

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