Sunday, December 4

My, has the time flown!

Is it just me, or has the first semester snuck by under our noses?  It's hard to believe we're already wrapping up the first term of our program.

Past CreCommers and instructors weren't kidding when they told us we'd have a microscopic social life, and that we may not see our friends and families for months.  Nor was it an over exaggeration about the tears and the fears.  Not in the least.

But what I think deserves a little more recognition are the good times we've all shared.  I don't mean to sound like a cheese ball, but I think that these past few months have been an amazing and invaluable experience.  I've met some standup people and made friends that I absolutely adore.

So, through the streeters, 8 a.m. deadlines, auto fails and live-hit derbies, I would like to thank my section for a memorable first semester.  You guys are an impeccable bunch!

Just a few moments from section numero uno (sorry if I'm missing some of you).  It's been fun!


  1. That's just the best.

  2. Section 1 is #1 for a reason

  3. tear! so sad that we're all getting split up. MEMORIES

  4. Great recap of the year, with great photos! :) Section 1!

  5. It was good times, guys. *group hug*