Saturday, March 3

Let's do lunch downtown!

If you haven't already noticed (much thanks to my countless restaurant-related blog entries), I'm a bit of a foodie.  I adore all types of culinary combinations, whether it be greasy burgers, spicy pad thai or creamy pasta alfredo.  Walking into a downtown restaurant, I feel like a kid in a candy store.

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That being said, when I heard news of Let's Do Lunch Downtown, I was absolutely thrilled.

Let's Do Lunch Downtown is an event organized by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.  From March 5 to March 30, various restaurants all over city central will offer special pricing on some of their most popular plates.

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Participating restaurants include The Palm Lounge, The Rib Room, The Key, Lobby on York, Hy's Steakhouse, The Current, Pony Corral, Cafe 22, Boston Pizza, Hermanos, The Ground Floor Urban Diner, 4Play Sports Bar and Shannon's Irish Pub & Eatery.

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Dishes range from $6.99 to $14.95.  Some of the tasty delicacies include chickpea burgers, smoked salmon bagels and "The Winni-delphia Steak Sandwich."  Most meals include a potato or salad side.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is also hosting a contest in conjunction with Let's Do Lunch Downtown for a restaurant tour valued at $500.  You can enter by leaving your business card or by asking for a ballot from your server.

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All the more reason to enjoy a delicious, affordable meal in the heart of our delectable city.  Bon appetite!

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