Saturday, June 2

Downtown Dweller swag

Check out this sweet gear I came across!

Ethik Clothing Co, a clothing company based out of New York City, created these Downtown Dwellers tanks, caps and sweaters. The similarities between my blog title and their gear are purely coincidental, but I thought this coincidence was a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on this emerging clothing line!

Their pop-up shops are similar to the type of stores you'd find in the Exchange, and their style is  reminiscent of other successful urban clothing brands like OBEY or Crooks n Castles. They have a ton of wicked designs available for viewing on their website (, or you can visit them the next time you head down to NYC.

Here's a little background on the company:
Ethik Clothing Co is a New York City based clothing company providing garments and ideas for the new age culture while keeping the clothes on your backs clean and fresh. The Ethik brand is about building a reputation and following for skaters, photographers, street dwellers alike, artists, promoters, and people of all walks of life who understand and agree with our vision and lifestyle. Ethik was created in 2010 by two friends who saw an opportunity to portray what they see in their everyday lives. Whether its vice or virtue, the Ethik family consistently relates the product with reality. With all products being screen printed by hand in NYC, we are a close knit community with our company motto being Rising Through Collective intellect. We have collaborated with several local groups such as, GVNG (music Group) Colossal Mantis (DJ) Boppo! (skate group) Deps (street artist) to build an ever growing bond with the underground culture of NYC. We have opened two Downtown pop-up shops in the past few months to help promote our brand, one at the old Flight Club in the Financial District and one in the Lower East Side. We look to continue to innovate, create, and work with others in the future, and will always be  coming at you with the good stuff. Stay Tuned. 
Their innovative designs and creative marketing techniques lead me to believe they'll be a company to look out for. Mac Miller has already taken notice of their success, and I'm sure the rest of the world will soon follow suit.

If you'd like to learn more about them, check out these links:



  1. I'm going searching for Lockstep on PR swag. Think I'll have any luck?! ;)

  2. If they don't already have a line, I may need to start one!

    .. Is it too late to switch my IPP?