Friday, August 31

A summer in the city centre

It's time to sharpen your pencils and open up your textbooks. Summer, like a hunger pang, has come and gone and the educational grind has finally been reinstated.

Spending another summer in the Exchange District has definitely opened my eyes and diversified my taste palette. There was never a shortage of festivals to attend, new restaurants to dine at and chic boutiques to stare hopelessly into.

In the spirit of celebrating the end of the season, here are a few of my summer highlights:
  • Festivities at The Forks
  • Yoga & Zumba in the Park
  • Let's Do Lunch Downtown
  • The Winnipeg Fringe Festival
  • The TD International Winnipeg Jazz Festival
  • The Chinatown Street Festival
  • Heck, all the festivals!
  • ... And did I mention food?
 Burger and fries from Boon Burger down Sherbrook

A mixed greens salad from Deer + Almond in the Exchange

An assortment of empanadas from Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria in the Exchange

Lahma├žun (Turkish yoghurt pizza bread) from Arkadash Bistro & Lounge on Portage

Vegetarian nacho platter from La Bamba on Portage

Needless to say, my summer was nothing short of amazing - and I hope yours was, too. Here's to another eventful school year, and an upcoming collection of interesting tidbits straight from downtown Winnipeg from your Downtown Dweller.


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    1. Why thank you, Mr. Conklin. I look forward to reading your blog again this year!

  2. A summer in city centre is shown on the post here. Have a look at it