Sunday, January 8

Bridesmaids and bridal gowns

This weekend, I took the rare opportunity to curl up on my couch and watch Bridesmaids again, in which Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy did not miss a beat.

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And speaking of weddings, seeing the beautiful bridesmaids gowns get ruined by regurgitated Mexican food reminded me of all of the great bridal salons that we have downtown.  Now, I personally haven't forged through these stores for wedding gowns, but I did get to sneak a peak at their swag while looking for grad and debut dresses.

Here's a few of my honourable mentions:

516 Portage Ave.
Stella's offers a great selection of modern evening wear (perfect for formal parties or graduations), as well as some very attractive wedding gowns.  I purchased one of my graduation dresses from here and their selection and service did not disappoint.  Their website is well done and a helpful resource before visiting the retail location.

325 Portage Ave.
This downtown gem is tucked away underground, but simply looking through the front window gives you a preview of the finer pieces buried within.  I also purchased a few of my debut dresses at this location, and their prices are reasonable and their selection is vast.  They also have a ton of great accessories to scope out.

Unit 106-500 Portage Ave.
A family-owned operation that offers a wide selection of beautiful gowns and dresses.  They carry a few different designers that have some really gorgeous pieces.

422 Portage Ave.
An upscale bridal salon that offers pieces by Alfred Sung, Sophia Tolli and many more.  You can go directly to the designers home pages off of Helene's website.

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So for those of you who are ready to tie the knot in the near future, the downtown bridal strip has got you covered!


  1. I've always thought Winnipeg had a kind of weird concentration of bridal shops--I notice them so much more here than in other cities I've inhabited, though maybe that's just because there are several on my bus route! Call me a jaded old feminist though, but the existence of the whole wedding industry just leaves me kind of angry. Though somehow that doesn't stop me from letting my daughter look at pretty dresses in the window of the one near my place.

  2. It seems like downtown is the hot spot to set up bridal salons - who knew! I agree on the wedding industry front, though. It's commercialized to death, but it's so hard to turn away from the beautiful wedding gowns in the front windows!