Wednesday, January 18

SANDBOX is retiring its pail and shovel

Although their website states they are the lucky ones, it's not just luck that made SANDBOX Magazine a huge success.

It was magazine co-founders Jeffrey Vallis and Braden Alexander, their editorial team and countless volunteers that poured their hearts into an outstanding publication that showcased Winnipeg at its finest.  Through trying times for the print industry in recent years, they were able to go against the grain and successfully produce a buzz worthy magazine that people truly cared about.

Last week, SANDBOX Magazine officially announced they'd be releasing their final issue at the end of January.  Although the end is bittersweet, they'll be celebrating their past two years of success in style.

Join them on January 28 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for the very last SANDBOX party.

Winnipeg artist Flo will be performing live and DJ Hunnicutt & Co-op and Chelsea Taz Marinelli will be supplying the music for the night.

Ticket are $10, available at Red River College's Mercantile, the University of Winnipeg Info Booth, the University of Manitoba Answers, Rhymes with Orange and Hush.

The final issue of SANDBOX will available on January 30 exclusively at McNally Robinson.

Also, please visit my good friend's blog, Winnipeg Love Letters by Suzy Bodiroga, who is also the Creative Director of SANDBOX Magazine.


  1. I will miss playing in the Sandbox.

  2. Love the new layout Jackie!

  3. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Thanks Coco! A little bit of HTML flexing goes a long way!