Friday, November 4

First Fridays in the Exchange District

Also known as: TGIFF.  Thank god it's First Fridays!

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First Fridays in Winnipeg's Exchange District began as a project initiated by Sue Gordon and Karen Schulz in August 2010.  Since then, it has gone viral in this historic part of town.  Various art studios, retail outlets and restaurants are happily taking part in the monthly festivities.

First Fridays occurs on the first Friday of every month.  It aims to bring people into the Exchange, and allows local businesses to get their names out to the rest of Winnipeg and beyond.  These businesses open their doors and allow the public to participate in free art exhibitions, take advantage of discounted merchandise and to simply come together in a beautiful, striving part of downtown.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about First Fridays, click here.
Tonight, from 5PM to 10PM, everyone is invited to check out yet another First Fridays events.  This link will help guide you through all of the places participating in tonight's shindig.

What better way to spend your Friday nights than immersing yourself in exciting art, enjoying local talent and taking advantage of sweet discounts on unique and trendy swag.