Wednesday, November 9

Now simulating Winnipeg's first hackerspace

On November 5th, Winnipeg's first hackerspace opened its doors to the public.

Hold on a second.

.. A hacker-wha?

What is a hackerspace, exactly?

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Also referred to as a hackspace, hacklab, makerspace or creative space, a hackerspace is a physical hub where people with common interests gather to meet, share, learn and create.  The subject of these meetings generally fall under the categories of technology, science or digital art, but there are many other lesser known themes that they can be focused upon.
The cool thing about these centres is that their members often collaborate to develop software, hardware and various technological tools.  Hackerspaces also provide a venue for different presentations, workshops and lectures led by local techie wizards.
To learn more about Hackerspaces, click here.

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Located on the 3rd floor of 125 Adelaide Street in the Exchange District, SkullSpace offers a place for hackers, builders, programmers and artists to intellectually and creatively collide.  They aim to provide the space, tools, education and freedom to make their ideas come to life.

They also have a pretty sweet blog that you can check out.  It gives you a better taste of what's hidden inside of their space - pinball machines, vintage games feeding through a projector and apparently there was some sort of remix of Nyan Cat going on at their after party.  Sounds like a good time to me!

For anyone that's interested in signing up to be a member of SkullSpace, they host their weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 6:00PM.  There is paperwork on their website,, that you must fill out for the meeting.

Members that decide to make the commitment pay $40 a month.  This membership grants you 24/7 access to the space, ridiculously fast bandwidth speeds and various tools, amongst other things listed on their Member Benefits page.

Just another hidden gem in the Exchange definitely worth checking out.


  1. It's kinda of like a new generation beatnick coffee house (but without bongos and bad poetry).

  2. Replace those bongos with Phillips screwdrivers and bad poetry with computer code and you've got it!