Friday, November 11

"We know the story of Valour Road"

Does anyone remember this History by the Minute video?

I do, and maybe you do too.

When I was younger, I remember this clip being played during commercial breaks on TV.  I knew that it represented a snapshot of Canadian history, but I had no idea what it was really about.  I never knew the significance of these brave soldiers on the battlefield until I learned a little more about the Pine Street Boys in journalism class.

The beauty of journalism is that you don't only get to report on news in the now, because you sometimes get the chance to retrace history's steps and reflect upon the past.  There are so many moving moments in Canada's history that have been documented in film, photographs and writing.  I sometimes find that the beauty captured in a simple vintage photo alone is so poignant and powerful.

A presentation by Mark Reid, Editor-In-Chief of Canada's History Magazine, and today's Remembrance Day ceremony put things into perspective for me.  As a Canadian citizen, I was humbled by all of the efforts that our troops, past and present, have made to help us live in a country that promotes freedom, equality and human rights.

I commend the soldiers, their families and the supporters that came out to Sargent Avenue and Valour Road this morning to remember all the brave men and women who have fought for our country.  For those who have suited themselves up in military dress and wore arms so that we didn't have to.  For those who have fought and for those we have lost fighting.  For those who enabled us to live in peace.

I will remember.

Walking towards Sargent Ave.

Many people assembling around the memorial for soldiers at the corner of Sargent Avenue and Valour Road.

 Poppies put together by local school children to remember soldiers that we have lost in the war.

 After the ceremonies, the wreath is decorated with the audience's poppies.

Mural on Valour Road and Ellice Avenue of the three soldiers, Corporal Leo Clarke, Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall and Lieutenant Robert Shankland, who were individually awarded the Victoria Cross.  All three lived on Pine Street, which was later renamed in 1925 as the present Valour Road to commemorate their acts of bravery during the war.

We know the story of Valour Road, but not everyone else does.
Andrew Swan


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