Wednesday, February 8

Sh*t Winnipeggers Say

"I hate Winnipeg."

I've said it a few times.  I've heard it hundreds of times.  We can moan and groan and make fun of Winnipeg all we want, because that's just what Winnipeggers do.  But no matter how many times we complain, there's bound to be a soft spot in our hearts for our snowy city.

Last week, my friend Reid and I decided to record a Winnipeg version of the "Sh*t __________ Say" meme.  Although this trend has been done to death, I still wanted to leave a digital mark in honour of our hometown.

Within 24 hours, our video fostered 5,000 views.  It's currently sitting at over 15,000 views - and counting!  Needless to say, I really appreciate everyone's support in making this production a success.

Thanks to everyone for both the positive comments and constructive criticism on what we have said and haven't said.  It's important to hear feedback to help us get better at what we do!

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