Wednesday, February 15

"The World's Largest Kitchen Party"

Christmas and New Year's aside, there is one thing I always look forward to during the snowy season: le Festival du Voyageur!


This 10-day long winter festival is held in Saint-Boniface, celebrating Canada's unique French history and the fur trade era.

Get your snowshoes on, your fur hats ready, and don't forget to pay Fort Gibraltar a visit next week!  If not that, at least drop by for a mini donut or two.

This year, the festival runs from February 17 to 26.

The Voyageur Pass gives visitors access to the Voyageur Park and free/discounted admission to all other official sites for the duration of the festival.

Adult passes are $22 (day passes are $13), youth $7 and children five and under enter for free.

For more information on the Festival du Voyageur, click here.


  1. Wow, I promise not to miss next year's festival! I remember attending a similar event one time and I really enjoyed myself especially the food served by the catering services from Long Island.

  2. This is an amazing event. I hope there are more events like this that would be organized all over the world, even if it won't last for 10 days. I also wish that they also exhibit kitchen materials such as knives aside from food because we won't have food if not of those. And they are also interesting to look at. kershaw chive