Thursday, September 15

100 reasons are more than plenty

Charlene Diehl and Amanda Hope swept the CreComm stage today during our morning seminar.  Riling us up for the up-and-coming Winnipeg International Writers Festival, I found myself stumbling onto their website's listing of 100 reasons why you should attend their festival.

I thought that the idea of compiling this list together was pretty nifty.  Here are a few reasons that really spoke out to me:

THIN AIR is caffeine for the spirit.  I'm not a big coffee drinker myself, but the concept of energizing one's soul with literature sounds like a wicked and healthy alternative. I love being able to pick up a book and walk away from it with a new found perspective on things. 

THIN AIR is for readers & THIN AIR is for writers.  Not to sound corny (I clearly am), but I think that it's a beautiful connection when authors are reunited with their audiences.  To be able to see the awe in both the readers' and the writers' eyes is a really sentimental experience.  I love that this festival gives people the opportunity to meet their literary idols.  Speaking to this, I would die to meet David Nicholls one day, who ironically wrote One Day.

THIN AIR treats writers like royalty.  I definitely don't think that most writers get enough credit for their work.  Being a self-proclaimed writer myself, I think that being good enough for people to give two hoots about your work is a pretty big deal.  I look up to those who have persevered and kept on writing, even when there was every other reason not to.

THIN AIR is literally fantastic.  The double meaning here says it all.

After reflecting upon this list, I am little more excited to see what the festival is all about this year.

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