Friday, September 30

Stickers are the best incentive

Today marks a very important day in Jackie Doming history: I submitted my very first electoral vote.

And I even got a fun yellow sticker to prove it!

I filled out my ballot at the advance polling location inside of Winnipeg Square.  For those of you who are unaware, advancing polls are closing tomorrow at 8PM.  If you aren't quite sure where to vote and you know that you won't be able to vote on October 4th, this link will help you find out where to go.

Something that I found really great were these Future Voter Pledge Cards (and matching stickers), a certificate to give your children which encourages them to vote - once they're of age, of course.  I think that it's a fantastic method of advocating democratic practices to our youth.  When I was wee lass, I never had the opportunity to witness or really understand the voting process.  I hope for a better experience for our future generations.

At 57% in the 2007 provincial election, our voter turnout isn't too hot right now.  But, on the bright side, we can work towards improving these numbers and getting people to speak up, speak out and VoteAnyWay.

That was definitely the highlight of my day.  It probably sounds lame to some of you, but I honestly feel quite empowered.  I know that this may sound juvenile, but I feel grown up!

On a side note, please enjoy this picture of my delicious southwestern fried tofu sandwich from Mondragon's.  I scarfed it down yesterday on the way home from school and I feel the need to share with you guys how freaking tasty it was.  For all of you vegetarians and vegans out there, eat your heart out.


  1. The fried Tofu looks better than it sounds!

  2. it's surprising what a little bit of seasoning and breading can do!

  3. I agree about the tofu, and about the voting. I love that they're trying to bring children into the voting scene early so they stick with it.
    Did you see any kids at the advance polls? I was at the Forks on Saturday and saw a mother voting with her kid there. Since we learn by example, I think that's a great thing to encourage as well.

  4. I agree, 110%. If I felt that voting was important ever since I was a little girl, I think that my perception would've changed much earlier on in life.
    I actually didn't get the chance to see any kids when I went to the advanced polls, though. On the contrary, I was the only one there!