Wednesday, September 14

Goodbye @TIB0K, hello @jackiedoming!

These past couple of years, I have used Twitter for three main reasons: keeping in touch with friends, stalking following celebrities and saving myself from boredom while riding the big yellow limousine to work.  I would often tweet about my day-to-day life, which was usually quite mundane, but it saved me from the brink of virtual insanity.  One can only handle profile surfing on Facebook for so many hours, after all.


But alas, @TIB0K was not created in vain.  Today, I saw Twitter under a whole new light during Melanie Lee Lockhart's PR class.  Instead of fruitlessly devoting my time to Dear Girls Above Me or religiously observing Snooki's social feed, I realized that I could put this account to good use!

Introducing the new and improved @jackiedoming on Twitter.  I will be using my account to post news, talk about currents events and sometimes add my own personal zing to the mix.  And, although I plan on reforming my Twitter persona, I can't promise that I won't follow the occasional celebrity or two ..

Have fun while staying informed, I say!

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