Tuesday, October 25

Cemetaries and fruity drinks

Last night, I decided to venture out of the Exchange for a short trip.  My aspiration was to get some worthy Halloweenesque content for my blog, but I failed horribly.

On a brighter note, I had the opportunity to take some great photographs of the St. Boniface Cathedral and enjoy some delicious crispy waffles and bubble tea!  Needless to say, my night definitely ended on a sweeter note.

A view from outside St. Boniface Catherdral.

A view from the inside.  The roofless interior is gorgeous, especially at night.  I saw a couple of locals walking their dogs around the well-lit premises.  Although the adjacent cemetery adds an eery vibe, it's definitely a sight to see.

 If you haven't noticed, I have a fascination with taking pictures of road signs.

A shot from across the Red River, looking towards the Provencher Bridge.

Glowing lamp.

Deciding to change the pace, we end up at Tea Story on Osborne right by Confusion Corner.  They've only been open for about half a year, and I never had the chance to venture inside the new restaurant.  They serve some pretty scrumptious goodies, and I noticed that their menu and atmosphere is very similar to Kawaii Crepes.  Their savoury and sweet dishes are waffle-based, and they also have a wide assortment of cold and hot teas.

Loving the design of their business cards.  Simple and clean!

A wider view of the interior of the restaurant.

More pretty lights.

I ordered an avocado bubble tea, while my friend Wayne ordered a fused tea.  They were decent, but neither wowed me.

However, what did impress me was their savoury waffle creations!  I ordered a vegetarian dish that had cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, hummus and tzatziki sauce.  The proportions were satisfying and the blend of the savoury fillings and sweet waffles taste was simply divine.

The adventure was still a success, although we didn't encounter any paranormal activity.  Despite that slight disappointment, the views were great and the waffles were tasty!


  1. LOVE your pictures of the Cathedral! Cameron just showed me that place this past summer, I think, and I think it's just so beautiful. I love your evening shots. Looks totally different but still beautiful.
    Also thanks for the update on Tea Story. We were just talking about that today but I hadn't heard of it. Now I know what it looks like, their business cards, and what to order!

  2. Thanks Jenna! I'm glad that you agree, it truly is a beautiful piece of architecture.
    If you ever need directions getting there, let me know! And I recommend a savoury waffle if you're feeling adventurous :).

  3. I'm surprised you liked Tea Story... one of my friends went there and then spent about a half hour bitching to me about their poor service. She said that there was no tea to choose from (which I thought sounded weird) and she ordered a salad and they forgot to bring it... but her boyfriend DID say his waffle sandwich was the best thing haha. Apparently Kawaii Krepe is getting waffles soon too though... COMPETITION.

    Oh and ps, in response to your comment on my blog, I AGREE ENTIRELY THAT WE NEED TO GO TO BOON IMMEDIATELY

    also, pps, did you eat the waffle sandwich with a knife and fork?

  4. You know what, the service wasn't horrible but their bubble tea was subpar, at best. And yes, I also did notice that they were sold out of a lot of their teas! That's something that needs to be monitored a little more carefully. I do like their selection though!
    There was so much stuffing in the waffle that you almost had to eat it on a plate with utensils. It would be awkward and clumsy otherwise.
    And Kawaii Crepes + waffles?! I think that they're coming on to something.
    Let me know where and when - in regards to Boon Burger, that is. NOM NOM NOM!