Wednesday, October 5

Ten reasons why I love the Exchange

1 The exciting summer festivities at Old Market Square.  The Fringe Festival, anyone? 
2 The delicious delicacies available during said festivals (most importantly mini donuts)!
3 Late night eats at Smoke's Poutinerie after a long night of dancing at one the neighbourhood bars.
4 The absolutely breathtaking architecture.  It's amazing to see the renovations taking place, including The Paterson Globalfoods Institute which was originally the historic Union Bank Tower.  RRC's future student residence and campus for culinary arts and hospitality is going to look phe-no-me-nal (see picture below).
5 The art stores featuring tons of wicked pieces from local artists.
6 Not to mention the even more awesome fashion boutiques with rare and unusual finds.
7 The Winnipeg Free Press Cafe.  Only the coolest place to grab a tasty cappuccino while observing journalists in their (semi)natural habitat!
8 All of the hidden gems in the upper levels of the buildings - art spaces, churches and the likes.
9 The Artspace building, housing several art galleries, office spaces for art groups and the Cinematheque theatre.  Cinmatheque plays some really great lesser-known independent films and documentaries, that would otherwise be inaccessible to Winnipegers.
10 The leaps and bounds the Exchange District has made throughout the past few decades.  I remember having a conversation with my boyfriend's uncle, who used to work at a shop in the heart of the Exchange years and years ago.  Back then, it wasn't unusual to see a prostitute waiting to get picked up at one of the street corners.  Now, the only people creeping the streets at night are the last few stragglers finding their way from the King's Head.
The area has built such a great reputation for itself, and I can't wait to see what other projects it has in store.


  1. Preach, sister. I love the Exchange. I love seeing it come alive during the summer months and wished it stayed like that all year round. It has so much to offer. I'm loving going to school here and being a part of this neighborhood everyday. Spread the word!

  2. Thanks Katherine! It definitely could have a livelier winter scene, but I think that simply being around the area puts me in a brighter mood. Going to school here is awesome, couldn't ask for a more architecturally beautiful campus!

  3. I love the Exchange too. It's probably my favourite part of Winnipeg. Oh and ps, I totes agree with the Free Press Cafe love- PORTABELLO SANDWICH FOR LIFE YO

  4. Portobello mushrooms are the bomb! Not to mention, their salads are also quite scrumptious!