Thursday, October 20

A morning in the Exchange

Each and every morning, I begin my day with a breathtaking walk through the Exchange District.

Originally built in 1913, here we see the remnants of the St. Charles Hotel in front of my apartment.  It has been declared a heritage site and work is being done to the building in order to gut out the ceilings and floors to reveal its foundations.  Ken Zaifman was planning earlier this year to make a six to nine storey addition to what already exists of the building.

For more information on the facelift project, check it out here.

An old factory building.

A shot looking towards Main St.

The nationally recognized Winnipeg Free Press Cafe.  Their sandwiches and brownies are scrumptious.

One of the various poster fixtures, riddled with events for local talent.

Poster for Dead Air art exhibit.

An architectural masterpiece, best known as Red River College.  The $35 million that was spent on the redevelopment of this campus helped restored some of the District's oldest properties, dating as far back as 1882.  It merged six different buildings into one eclectic piece of work.

Winter morning walks suddenly don't seem so bad.


  1. On Nov. 1 we will meet Gary Doer, who opened the RRC campus that you show here.

  2. Thanks Alana! Stay tuned for more to come - Josh, Allison and I are hopefully going on a photo shoot this Tuesday. :)

    Duncan - I was wondering when that was going to be happening. I'm excited!

  3. Beautiful, and I love that you live down here! The Silpit Building -- my husband's grandfather -- or was it great uncle? -- had a sandwich stand in the basement in the early twentieth century. What is now The Underground!

  4. Thank you Karen! That's really interesting to hear about what businesses previously resided in the Exchange. I would love to do more research and find out more about all of its interesting stories and heritage.