Saturday, October 8


This Friday, I felt it was necessary to treat myself after a long week of grueling (and rewarding) work.  Therefore, the highlights of my day consisted of consuming a green tea frap (my absolute favourite), vanilla bean scones (my newfound favourite) and delicious dim sum at Noodle Express.

The Starbucks downtown had these really groovy hanging lamps that looked like they were imploding with fire.  Fierce.

Also, a friendly visual reminder that the Marker Social is happening this Friday on October 14th, 2011.   I almost forgot myself until I saw this handy dandy poster in the hallway!  Tickets are available at the Mercantile for $10.

My dear friend and colleague Josh Alao agreed to help me exercise my photography skills and acted as a model for the photo that you see above.

The roles reversed and Josh got the chance to flex his creative muscles.  Fantastic job!  Not to mention, the architecture of our campus looks absolutely stunning in the background.

We finished off our Friday one of the best ways we possibly could - with a satisfying meal of mouthwatering dim sum.  In my honest opinion, I truly believe that Noodle Express in Chinatown has some of the tastiest, freshest dim sum around.  Their sweet custard buns are to die for!

Cheers to another week of CreComm under our belts!


  1. Awesome pics Jackie!! When are we going on our next photo-shoot!?! lol

  2. Very soon! Are you free on Tuesday of next week?